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Holberton offers 20-month professional programs in the following disciplines:

Why Holberton Students Succeed

A New Kind of Education 
At Holberton School, there are no formal teachers and no formal courses. Instead, lessons are project- centered and peer-learning based. We assign our students increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve, providing only minimal initial direction on how to accomplish the assigned tasks or projects. As a result, students intuitively seek out the theory and tools they need, which they then process and analyze to select an approach to help them tackle the tasks at hand. 

“Anyone can learn to code! Computing can be found everywhere in today’s world and, to build solutions to real-world problems, we need software engineers with diversity of thought and experiences. Holberton not only also recognizes that diversity and collaboration are important, but actively removes barriers to foster diverse coders and uses peer-learning as a critical component of developing both our technical and soft skills.” 

— Kelsie, Cohort 11 Tulsa

"Today's world is changing at an unfathomable pace. Technology is the engine of this revolutionary vehicle, and it's all built on code! There's no denying that code will only become more ubiquitous in every facet of our society as we continue to integrate more technology into our daily lives. Learning to code will allow you to participate in creating novel solutions that help make our world a better place, no matter your interests! Holberton is a place that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your background or circumstance, and foster the breadth of foundational skills, both technical and interpersonal, that you'll need to be successful as a programmer!"

— Colson Scott,
Cohort 11 Student 

Who is Holberton?

Frances Elizabeth "Betty" Snyder Holberton (1917-2001) was one of the six programmers of the ENIAC, which was the first programmable, general-purpose electronic digital computer, created in 1943 by the US Army.

Betty Holberton helped create what would later become modern-day software engineering and also was involved with the creation and design of the FORTRAN and COBOL programming languages.

The daughters of Betty Snyder Holberton, Priscilla Holberton and Pamela Holberton, are happy that Betty Holberton is being recognized for her contributions and inspiring a new generation of women and men in technology.

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Network of Peers
We don't have formal classrooms or teachers — instead, you collaborate, share your knowledge, and help each other. Peer education is proven to foster a very constructive learning culture, as you are immersed into an environment where everyone is driven to help each other. We call it Peer Learning, and we expect the contacts you make to last through your entire career.

Flexible Financing
We don’t think financial ability should be a barrier. That's why we offer flexible tuition options. When Holberton students succeed, everyone succeeds. Everyone should have access to quality education.

We Help You Get A Job
Our Career Development office assists graduates in obtaining employment in the fields for which they are trained. This continuous placement service is available to all Holberton graduates at no additional charge. Professional assistance is available on interview skills, resume writing and other job search techniques. Holberton assists graduates in networking with employers in their field and brings graduates and prospective employers together under favorable circumstances.

Holberton is the educational cornerstone of Tulsa's vibrant emerging technology sector. Tulsa’s leaders have committed to diversify the city’s economy and grow its tech jobs infrastructure. You can join this dynamic tech community.

Located in the Downtown Tulsa Arts District, Holberton will train you in the most exciting careers of today and tomorrow.  

• Full-Stack Web Development

• Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, and Blockchain 

• Machine Learning

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